5º Festival Inshadow 2013/ESTAL Lisboa

From Subconscious to reality on stage

teacher Alicia Soto

Desde el subconsciente a la realidad en escena

The workshop is divided in two parts:

Discovering the natural movement

The liberation of the body arrives with the use of the respiration and the conscience that there is a flowing energy from the body to the body.

The weight, the energy and the emotions take us to spontaneity in the movement that allows to discover the body to the space and time, defining the emotional writing.


The learning process will be based in the construction and creation of improvisations from the somatic movement technic. The work will be performed from the automatic writing method of the surrealistic: action – reaction.

The individual conscience of the space, the energy and the body from each participant shall unite into a single group energy creating a unique score of emotions that flow from a collective subconscious constructing a dramatic reality on scene.


This laboratory intends to do a bridge between the somatic work, somatic movement and scenic speech. The performer becomes totally present, integrally, with all its capacity, increasing the scenic presence


This workshop is designed to actors, dancers, performes and dramatists.

November 30th: 10 to 13:30 h

December 1st: 10 to 13:30 h & 14.30 to 18 h.


ESTAL, School of Technology and Arts of Lisbon, aimed for performers, actors, dancers and other playwrights

Rua Santo Amaro, 34 1200-803 Lisboa

Organized by

Vo'arte. The Inshadow Festival Lisbon in collaboration with ESTAL
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