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JUNE 2014

The show "Estudio 2: Silencio" has won the Best show Award (Estación Norte section) at the international Festival of Theater and Street Arts of Valladolid TAC 2014

Estudio 2: Silencio

Press reviews:

June 13th 2014. 14 to 17 hours.

June 14th 2014. 10 to 13 hours.

Coreographic composition Workshop from dramartugy to movement.

Facultade de Motricidade Humana da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.

Location: FMH Edificio Esteiros. Estuido A
Adressed to PhD students, maestrado and dance degree of FMH (Facultade de Motricidade Humana da Universidade de Lisboa) and general audience.
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MAY 2014

May 24th 2014. Performances at 12 and 19 hours.

Internationsl Street Arts Festival TAC, Valladolid.

Introducing the second Mapping of the body in an architectural space.

Territorio Valladolid.

Urban landscape architecture.


Limited seating

As architectural space, the Cloister of the National Sculpture Museum.
As a sound the support of the Band of Bugles and Drums "Sagrada Lanza"
As a color the white stone, and water that falls and wash it all down.

Direction, coreography and dance: Alicia Soto.
Artistic collaboration: Dolores de Matos.

May 5th 2014 from 10 to 18 hours.

XVI Semana internacional do Audivisual e Multimedia

Universidad Lusofona de Humanidades e Tecnologia, Lisboa. Portugal.

Thecnology applied to dance, Create Ilusionism.

Practical class: Tools and keys for recording media-dance: the look, the focus, in terms of recording, the quality of movement and light.
Taught by: Alicia Soto
Organization: Licenciatura en Artes Perfomativas e Tecnologias de la Universidad Lusofona.