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The 13th version of site-specific multimedia performance series skinSITEs will be hosted by the famous Mercat des les Flors in Barcelona. The theater was built as "Agriculture Pavilion" for the Barcelona International Exposition (world's fair) in 1929. After the exposition, the building was used as a wholesale flower market hall, until it was turned into a theater in 1983.

"skinSITEs XIII" is titled "memento mori" to celebrates the beauty ofthe transient at the occasion of the opening of the newly renovated theater space of Mercat des les Flors. The history of the building is the history of the transient matter: world¹s fair, flowers, and dance and theater, their existence can be perceived only for a limited amount of time - all is bound to die, all beauty is limited in time. The classic artistic subject of mortality will be brought to contemporary media-video, as much as to contemporary movement / choreography. "skinSITEs" has been one of post theater's most successful approaches to join site-specific theater with multi-media performance. 12 cities in 9 countries all over Europe and Asia have commissioned versions for a wide range of buildings and their histories.

13th January, 2011at the opening of the IDN International Festival. Mercat de las Flors. 21:00 h, Barcelona.

la prensa dice la prensa dice
Foto Gala
Fotos: Gerardo Sanz

On 1 December the 30th Anniversary Gala of the Council of the Designation of Origin Rueda held at the Calderón Theatre of Valladolid was a great show about wine and Verdejo conceived by and for this anniversary with the collaboration of more than 30 artists.

Foto Gala Foto Gala Foto Gala Foto Gala Foto Gala Foto Gala
Fotos: Gerardo Sanz
Artistic direction and choreography:
  • Alicia Soto
Concept of the Gala:
  • Cía. Alicia Soto-Hojarasca
Choreography fragment of the show:
  • “In Vino Veritas”
  • Destroy Producción S.L.
Technical direction:
  • Agustín Bastard.
Production director:
  • Bruno Rossi
Production assitants:
  • Eloisa Manjón
  • Carolina Saiz
Artist direction assistants:
  • Susana Cocero
  • Alberto Velasco
Technical direction assistants: :
  • Susana Alonso
  • Juan Carlos Andrés
Master of Ceremonies:
  • Nieves Mateo
  • Alberto Velasco
Wine poet :
  • Alberto Velasco
  • Lorenza Di Calogero
  • Alicia Torres
  • Alicia Soto
  • Alba Frechilla Martínez
  • Marta Mardó
  • María Negro Luengo
  • Silvia García Iglesias
  • Noemí Morante Zarzosa
  • Leticia Narvarte
  • Sheila Niño Renedo
  • Mª De Los Ángeles Basanta
  • Silvia Herraiz del Valle
  • Alba Gómez Andrés
Delive awards:
  • Juan Carlos Santamaría
  • Hana Showpermanent
  • Javier Pérez de Andrés
Video creation and montage:
  • Mundimag
Graphic design:
  • David Garnacho
Comunication and press:
  • Oscar Blanco
  • Cultura y Comunicación
  • Taller Julia
Musical Montage:
  • Yoko-Lennon
Music band:
  • Barmanouche
Assembly assistants:
  • Mario y Ferris
  • Restauarnt Los Zagales.
  • Teatro Corsario
  • Asociación de Antiguos Alumnos de la Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Castilla y León (A3ESADCYL)
  • Casa de las Artes de Laguna de Duero


Carolina Saiz
0034 685 470 045


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