La petite voiture (la comtesse)

This performance is a multidiciplnary installation of dance and multimedia aimed for either open, semi-closed, closed, or even urban spaces such as museums.

It is conceptualized utilizing a micro collector’s ecological car with a rare design fabricated in the 60’s.

At night in an ironic tone the artist Cia Alicia Soto-Hojarasca once again exposes a contemporary social theme utilizing a car as the scenographic element additionally incorporating dance-theatre, video creation, multi-media and sound as the protagonists.

Small and medium format

20 minutes
It is possible to stage the performance several times per day in different place of any city. Performances can be staged during the night (from 21:00).

1 actor + 1 dancer +1 technician

A micro car 1m, 91m x 1m, 2cm
Full HD LED crystal monitors