Philosophy of language through dance in 2 or 3 questions

Alicia Soto innovation seeks new challenges at different levels of art

After the art show Alicia Soto, hides a great weight of philosophical thought, which turns much of the content developed in this paper that called 2 or 3 questions, and in which not only mixes the elements of earth , water, air ... and the final heat, but plays with different concepts, knowledge bases of the philosophy of Descartes' Discourse on Method, by which the choreographer, rather than thinking or walking to exist dance means to express themselves from the "sum" of the syllogism.

The author herself says that it is to give the head to create something new, think to do something different. In this way we described at the end of her work in a few words, how the idea of ​​incorporating the projected video, more interactive and relating their interpretation to the projection of images.

Thus, the work divided into two major sections, has a first part in which the projection on a door (which supports a flexible canvas) opens an opening to thought and action videography that initially develops in a single plane, but then allow the dancer to shape from the back, speaking directly to the images that evolve. Not only get very dramatic effects in this game of volumes that go beyond the door frame, but gives a hyper-realism to work, surprising even in this era of 3D cinema merely commercial demonstrations at very high prices.

Playing with air and water dominate this first section of work, ending in a being that will be captured by dreams and fears that plague their environment more subliminal, but immediately.

The second half started with the land, from which emerges the figure of being, as if returned from a tomb, but naked and live as a newborn. The parallel advances in birth carries with it the consciousness of this need to know what and who one is.With those questions, those doubts turned into conclusions, there is birth, rising from the ground, which both rejected and handled as originating from that time.Moves in the lights and shadows, alternating slow and harmonious movements, with more turbulent and violent. Just fill the room with the land it has renewed its way to move this toward a future of fire that is reflected in the light towards which you are going.

Amazing work, imaginative, very parallel and balanced between the stage and projection, but above all, between the concept of the structures of their image and the message conveyed in every moment and every format work. Yes, it really is different.