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[...]Engaging the audience in a dialogue.
published in LA TRIBUNA DE CIUDAD REAL (October 23,2011)

"Yesterday's audience in attendance at the Quijano Theatre found itself surprised by Alicia Soto's recital, who…endeavoured to alter theatre roles beginning the performance by engaging the audience in a dialogue. From there on everything was to be different, even the mise-en-scene…"

The thecnology also dances
Marta Carrasco
published in ABC de Sevilla (June 5, 2011)

Alicia Soto plays with the dichotomy 'reality-fiction', a game of appearances or of ploys, of illusions that make the spectator belief, by way of images, in a given situation. However, as the performance unfolds, its reality is actually another, thereby perking the imagination of an active participative audience.

This performance-dance piece is absolutely original and innovative. It triggers off very distinct sensations: claustrophobia, freedom, and human nature. Alicia Soto has conceptualized a new form of expression for her company, a style that will not leave anybody unmoved whether it is due to the quality or the intensity of her work.

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Philosophy of language through dance in 2 or 3 questions
Julio Castro
published in (December 18, 2010)

Amazing work, imaginative, very parallel and balanced between the stage and projection, but above all, between the concept of the structures of their image and the message conveyed in every moment and every format work. Yes, it really is different.

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Sala triángulo Madrid. dance in 2 or 3 questions
- December 17, 2010
published in

An excellent show which combines dance and multimedia. A great emotional burden that is not lost.
Highly recommended.