Alicia Soto-Hojarasca

Company of contemporary dance.

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Company trajectorie

Alicia Soto-Hojarasca is a professional company of dance and contemporary art with a long history, founded in 1994, under the artistic and choreographic direction of Alicia Soto.

The company has undergone a constant evolution, developing very personal remote scenic forms of prevailing currents.
Dance-Theatre creations for the Italian Theatre, dance in the street to reach the multimedia and performance for unconventional spaces.

More than 29 shows have been staged, large, medium and small format video and video dance creations.
Composed of a multidisciplinary team of artists, the company is a meeting place and research, in a transdisciplinary artistic creation. Which include major national and international collaborations with artists such as:


Shows of the Company

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Press reviews


….“The bet, risk and commitment of Hojarasca-Danza with this show deserves attention. His vision of dance as a troublemaker account must be taken at a very interesting contribution creative and cultural”…

El adelantado de Segovia. Manuel Sesma. 18 November 2002
“Bloque C, Angelen caídos buscan subri al cielo”

…A good vertical dance show that makes reappear this axis of the Mediterranean tradition. Yes, it served with a contemporary design and a willingness to address all audiences, also young people.

Regió 7. November 2004

“La Mujer de la Sinmemoria”

…Triumph in Cairo with a standing ovation.

El Norte de Castilla. 27 September 2005. Agencia EFE.

“Wonderful La Mujer de la Sinmemoria from the Burgos company Hojarasca-danza, which filled the room during its two functions despite the language barrier ....

Revista Artez. January 2006 by Khaled Salem (El Cairo). International Experimental Theatre Festival El Cairo.

…… Nobody kept indifferent ... surprised, and much, ... The proposal from Hojarasca went away of the traditional canons of the dance ... In La mujer de la sinmemoria brought together dance with image, sound and word ..., through their boldly innovative and groundbreaking choreography, their capacity for communion of different artistic formats…

El Adelanto de Salamanca. 26 June 2005. First International Arts Festival of Castilla y León Salamanca


….”Hojarasca-Danza is more brave, and if you notice most is because it is difficult to manipulate a speech as clairvoyant as Houellebecq. In addition, Desea exceeds all the scenic works that recently have been made at this community, and can rub shoulders with great works of European dance ......

Diario de Valladolid “Hatred and despair in the Mirror”.
Carlos Toquero. 22-04-07

“In vino Veritas”

…The company Alicia Soto-Hojarasca left a fabulous taste to the show “In Vino Veritas” to a large audience, flatly nice and high palate.

Le Figaro. November 2008. Paris

“Extraordinary Show”
The opening scene is extraordinary-looking farmer Bacchus, which is connected to four drippers, while pounding heart ... is a cohesive show, rhythm and communicates a huge tide of feelings, a joy to the senses.

ABC of Sevilla. Julia Amezúa. 02 June 2008

“Super Gravity-Zero Gravity”

“Puntos de atención”
Alicia Soto and Hojarasca-danza are always looking for new aesthetics, different experience.
Also notable contrast with the projected figures which sometimes appear images arising from Bosco. Extraordinary that closes the show ...
Many applause from the audience that filled the room.

Fernando Herrero. Norte de Castilla. 24 January 2010

“2 ó 3 preguntas”

Alicia Soto innovation seeks new challenges at various levels of art.
A surprising, imaginative, very parallel and balanced work between the stage and projection, but above all, between the concept of the structures of their image and the message conveyed at every moment and every format of their work. Yes, it really is different.

Julio Castro – laRepú Published on Saturday, 18 December 2010

“Estudio 2: Silencio”

Crazy story about the original show of Alicia Soto-Hojarasca
in the cloister of the College of San Gregorio National Museum, at the place that combines architecture, music and contemporary dance band ...
The protagonists offer the brightest moments of the act creating an intimate relationship between the body, the architectural space and spectators ..... “”

By Isaac Macho, 2014 El sínodo del silencio Tam-Tam Press / 25 May 2014